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April 17th
5:05 PM

Castle x How I Met Your Mother: "Surprise!"



"We’re family."

I still have difficulty buying / accepting this emerging family dynamic. I can get it from the Charming side but Regina is a harder sell. Yeah, we don’t really know what happened during that lost year in the Enchanted Forest. But am I expected to accept this ‘new family’ dynamic since Snow tossed Regina a bone in the family department?

I just don’t, I guess, believe the subtle cues the writers have presented to explain this shift. I guess I’m disappointed and maybe a bit angry that Regina has effectively been/being reduced to nothing. She doesn’t even have her magical prowess anymore on top of all the other baggage.

Let’s see what the rest of the season brings! Besides, there’s always fan fiction! :D

Really? I totally buy it. Regina is getting really close to Emma because of Henry. We’ve seen Regina do things or her that she normally wouldn’t. Why not eat with the charmings? plus, she would defiantly do anything to hang around Henry. so even if she isn’t all that thrilled about snow and david, emma and henry are for sure her family.

Of course they are family! And I just love that Regina can finally be part of it… And no matter what, she will always be awesome!!!

OUAT 3.17 - Emma & Regina

4:39 PM

"Really? ‘Cause no one ever said anything to me."


How I Met Your Mother cast through the years (2005-2013)

April 13th
6:20 PM
Sarah & Chuck + Robin & Ted + beach + rivers and roads

Sarah & Chuck + Robin & Ted + beach + rivers and roads

6:18 PM

And I miss your face like hell


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